Vallis offer a wide variety of inspection services. Site inspections examine the suitability of a facility for a given purpose focusing on details such as fire prevention infrastructure, site access, weatherproofing of external walls and roofs and site security features.

Pre and post-shipment inspections of stock focus on the physical condition of the product in question and whether it has been damaged or become wet or contaminated by any foreign agent. Storage and stacking of the product is also investigated. Vehicles and equipment can be inspected to provide an overview of any damage sustained and to assess if they still meet any local compliance criteria as may be required.


Inspection takes place

Vallis inspectors arrive on site to perform the inspection be it at a storage facility, container site, warehouse or any other location. Photographs of important details will be taken, and any other pertinent information will be recorded.

  • Following a previously prepared inspection plan Vallis inspectors will investigate important details pertinent to the inspection they have been tasked to undertake.
  • Vallis staff will approach the operation with a flexible mindset and proactively take note of details that may not have been considered initially during pre-inspection planning.

Inspection findings recorded

The findings of any Vallis report will always be backed up by diligent photographic evidence of any claims. All points of interest will be accurately recorded to generate a clear snapshot of conditions on the ground at the time of the inspection.

  • Photographs are taken systematically to support and validate Vallis’ findings.
  • All findings are accurately recorded in as much detail as possible to build a clear picture of the on-site conditions.
  • Where necessary Vallis inspectors will approach on-site staff for testimony to guarantee an accurate assessment of the situation on the ground.

Inspection report is produced

Findings from the inspection are accurately displayed to clearly communicate Vallis’ conclusions and provide a high-quality end document to inform future decision-making for our customers

  • A detailed photographic report of the inspection activities will be included to support the written findings of our inspectors.
  • Targeted recommendations based on the findings of the report will be provided based on our prior experience and local knowledge to add extra value to our service.