Sampling & Analysis

Sampling and analysis services delivered by Vallis provide peace of mind to our customers by investigating and confirming either phytosanitary, chemical or physical aspects of a wide variety of cargo types. In the past, Vallis have sampled and provided comprehensive reports on the quality of metal ores, fertilisers and their precursors, cereals, grains and coffee beans.

Vallis have the expertise and knowledge to work with further commodities and will endeavour to provide a sampling and analysis service that is tailored to the needs of our customers.


Samples are obtained from bulk stock

Vallis take samples using either scoops or sampling spears where appropriate to obtain the most representative cross-section of the bulk cargo to be analysed, in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

  • Samples are taken directly from a variety of locations of the stored stock to guarantee that the sample is representative of the whole parcel. Samples would be drawn from ground-level, part-way up and the top of the stack as well as the centre of the stored cargo to achieve this.
  • Samples are then bagged and labelled to ensure that the exact product and the location it was drawn from is easily identifiable at a later date.

Preparation for analysis

Vallis carefully mingle individual samples to ensure that the final analysis results are fully representative of the bulk stock under investigation. These composite samples are accurately weighed prior to being transported to the analysis location.

  • Individual location specific samples are mixed with care to generate a composite sample. This process is performed at a clean location on-site to minimise the risk of cross-contamination and guarantee the accuracy of analysis results.
  • Composite samples are then weighed accurately prior to being delivered in person or securely couriered to the final laboratory destination where the analysis will take place.
  • Retention samples are held by Vallis to guarantee the condition of the cargo at the time of sampling and provides a safeguard in case of the loss of the sample at any point during the transport process.

Laboratory analysis

Analysis of samples at the designated laboratory site can be completed using a wide catalogue of testing methods. We rely on our local knowledge to locate the most appropriate laboratory to return test results with the shortest possible delay, but we are also able to accommodate requests for the use of a specific facility.

  • Chemical or elemental analysis can be performed to provide in-depth information regarding the purity and chemical composition of a sample. Vallis understand the importance of this testing and liaise with the laboratory site to ensure that the analysis method chosen is appropriate for the product in question.
  • Phytosanitary analysis for cereals, grains and other edible foodstuffs are available to ensure that such stock meets international compliance standards. Vallis will again ensure that the techniques employed are suitable to the stock under analysis and we have experience requesting vital targeted testing for contaminants such as aflatoxins and parasites.
  • Physical analysis of the stock including shape and size of grains or particles is also available where necessary or requested.

High standard report

At Vallis we pride ourselves on the high standard of our reporting, and for sampling and analysis operations we aim to guide our customers through every step of the process to ensure that our agreed scope of service has been met. Furthermore, the objective of our final reports is that they can be utilised as a foundation for the future trade of the stock or to help in fulfilling local regulatory requirements.

  • A full description of the on-site sampling process will be detailed leaving no doubt as to the quality of our service. Full photographic evidence of the sampling activity will be provided confirming that the operation was undertaken in accordance with internationally recognised standards.
  • Results of the analysis will be presented in a clear manner; highlighting any important points to note and providing an interpretation that clearly explains the findings of the testing.
  • Where applicable Vallis will offer recommendations, based on the results of the analysis, for the future use of the stock.