Advisory & Project Management

Vallis has formally established an Advisory and Project Management service offering and, with a recognised track record of providing services at key strategic points in the global supply chain, it is well-placed to add value to the operations and intentions of development organisations and humanitarian agencies.

We endeavour to understand our clients’ objectives, and the smooth and thorough running of on-the-ground operations ensures that the required milestones are met. The company’s pedigree in project management and its relaying of constant feedback is evident in the detailed planning and the high standard of deliverables produced.


Understand Objectives, Local Knowledge and Partnerships

  • Vallis strives to investigate and familiarise ourselves with clients’ requirements and briefs in detail, forging relationships and maintaining communication with stakeholders to ensure full comprehension of their key objectives and milestones and, ultimately, the satisfactory completion of the project.
  • Our geographic coverage and the dedicated teams based in the UK and in our subsidiaries enables us to provide expertise. Dedicated, in-country professionals and regional staff in over 53 countries provides access to local knowledge and real-time information, which enables our clients to make the best decisions and achieve their objectives.
  • Vallis is prepared to bring external consultants on board and we welcome any relevant approaches or feasible opportunities for collaboration. Our willingness to partner with experts and specialists in markets, sectors or geographies allows us to expand into new fields where our insight and experiences can bring benefit.

Project Management and Reporting

  • Vallis employs detailed project planning and management procedures, including effective communication and liaison with key partners.
  • Our clients gain a hands-on perspective of conditions, risks and impacts and this enables implementation of transparent and realistic contingencies.
  • Our reports are shaped and tailored to particular requirements and the key information being sought and we draw on the exhaustive nature of these deliverables to provide lessons learned, striving to improve in anticipation of future projects.

Supply Chain Emissions Reporting

  • Vallis is actively exploring the potential for sustainability-related services. Global supply chains are often the main contributor to a business’s carbon footprint, with some studies suggesting they are responsible for up to 60% of global CO₂ emissions. The ability to quantify the carbon footprint is important because it allows supply chain participants to map and identify the carbon emissions associated with every step of their value chain.
  • Carbon transparency is transforming stakeholder interaction. Increasingly, purchasers are requiring supply chain partners to provide emissions data and financiers are offering greater access to capital for businesses that can disclose their carbon intensity. As governments begin to introduce carbon legislation, understanding your emissions now can help prepare your business for the future.
  • Our integrated logistics system combines Vallis’s marine and cargo data with an AI-powered carbon accounting platform provided by CarbonChain. This enables the emissions associated with the production and movement of goods to be tracked, recorded, and verified for public or private reporting requirements, providing a baseline assessment for emission reduction targets and carbon compensation planning and our collaboration with Qbera Capital, a firm who is active in both mandatory compliance and voluntary carbon offset markets, allows access to high-quality carbon credits to offset these emissions.


  • National Warehouse Receipt System in Ethiopia AICS, IFC and UNIDO
  • Capacity Building in Ethiopia – UNIDO
  • National Warehouse Receipt System Feasibility in Egypt – IFC
  • ICCO African Cocoa Exchange Feasibility Study