Stock Management

Vallis employs a comprehensive and meticulous approach to stock management, encompassing receipt of stock into the storage facility, the monitoring of stock therein, and the controlled release out.

Stock in the storage facility is closely monitored using Vallis’ robust documentary and physical mechanisms. The release of stock is tightly controlled on instruction and tallying out is recorded on several soft and hard documents. Stock reporting takes place daily to all parties and regular observations and inspections of the storage facility and surrounds are also undertaken.


Tally In

Vallis deals with the physical counting and recording of stock entering a storage facility. Additionally, stock is verified against accompanying documents and visually inspected.

  • Verification includes the confirmation of stock type, vessel origin, brand, packaging and visual inspection.
  • The tally sheet is reconciled against third-party paperwork before entering a Vallis stock report.
  • There are several internal procedures to check and validate the stock report prior to sending to relevant parties. Recommendations are offered on the stacking of bagged product to ensure stock integrity.

Stock Confirmation

When all stock has been received, Vallis will issue a Stock Confirmation Certificate.

  • A Stock Confirmation Certificate is not a document of title and cannot be negotiated or transferred. It is a confirmation by Vallis of receipt of goods into the storage facility.
  • The certificate utilises blockchain technology to ensure it is a unique document that can be independently verified.
  • Goods that have been received damaged, caked, wet or mouldy can be included on the Stock Confirmation Certificate. These goods may be re-bagged/re-conditioned into sound stock at a later stage.

Continual Oversight and Monitoring

Vallis ensures continual oversight and monitoring of stock between receipt and release, deploying staff to each location during all normal working hours regardless of whether there is activity or not. This allows us to record all events and provide timely updates to all relevant parties. A Vallis stock card is placed on each stack upon receipt and to facilitate ownership identification a relevant notice is also applied.

  • Daily stock counts are conducted. There are a series of registers maintained within each storage facility that record all occurrences, staff movements, visitors and other activity.
  • A letter of unfettered access in favour of Vallis issued by the relevant party will be put in place and Vallis’ seals are placed on all entrances and exits. The fixing, breaking and replacing of seals are recorded in a Seal Register
  • Part of the oversight of stock is the accurate recording of re-bagging. Damaged, caked, wet or mouldy stock can be re-bagged and any recoverable stock will be recorded as sound stock.

Release Mechanism

The removal of stock from the storage facility is not permitted under any circumstance unless Vallis have received authorisation in the form of a Release Instruction.

  • An official Release Instruction authorises the controlled dispatch of stock to an off taker. The Instruction has a unique number and details the quantity and type of stock to be released, the location of storage, the vessel of origin and the Vallis Stock Confirmation Certificate number under which the stock was originally receipted
  • A tally sheet is completed for each individual dispatch and cross referenced to a Goods Dispatch Note (GDN).

Tally Out

Vallis handle the physical counting and recording of stock leaving a storage facility. Additionally, stock is verified against accompanying documents such as delivery orders, release instructions.

  • A tally sheet is completed for each individual dispatch and cross referenced to a Goods Dispatch Note (GDN).
  • The Vallis member of staff, customer and vehicle driver sign off quantities reflected on the tally sheet and the GDN.