Assurance services along the entire supply chain

Supply Chain Control

We have exceeded 5 million tonnes since
inception in 2016 using Vallis Live

Marine & Cargo

328 current operations across
Africa and the Middle East

Over 34 million tonnes of
commodities handled since 2006

Enhancing our Marine and Cargo Services
with our new app

• Real-time reporting
• Innovative technology
• Efficient in its simplicity

Vallis Live

Our Services

Strategic points along the supply chain

Who is Vallis

As the most trusted assurance services group in Africa and the Middle East, Vallis has a reputation of integrity, trust and transparency. Vallis provides independent services at strategic points along the supply chains of their customers, in over 40 countries across Africa and the Middle East.

Vallis have proud, dedicated staff who are equipped with a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and experience. Combine this with the company’s extensive network, and you have a name that has earned the trust and confidence of its clients and its whole industry.