Marine Surveying

Vallis has a team of experienced marine surveyors offering a wide range of surveys for vessels and cargoes to a variety of parties and stakeholders within the commercial marine industry. Vallis has extensive and specialist marine industry knowledge to deliver a tailored and effective service.

Our survey reports are comprehensive and thorough to ensure that our customers have all the information needed to make reasoned decisions. Vallis fully appreciate the importance of the role of a marine surveyor to identify and mitigate risks. We are able to deploy on demand to protect our principal’s interests. In the past, Vallis has acted on behalf of cargo owners, underwriters, brokers, ship owners, charterers, P&I clubs, shippers and receivers.


Cargo Surveys

Vallis has the expertise to provide professional surveys on the following types of cargo: Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, Break Bulk, Bagged, Project Cargo

  • Draft Surveys
  • Cargo condition Surveys – Pre-loading and Outturn
  • Stowage, Lashing, and Security Surveys
  • Stuffing and Unstuffing Container Surveys

Vessel Surveys

Vallis can provide a range of vessel surveys conducted by an accredited marine surveyor

  • Vessel Condition Surveys: Sale and Purchase Surveys, On/Off Hire Surveys, Structural Damage Surveys
  • Bunker Surveys
  • Hatch Cover, Hold Condition and Cleanliness Surveys
  • Incident Surveys

Damage Surveys

Vallis can assess the nature, cause and extent of cargo damage

  • Damage Surveys – Assess the damage, loss and contamination of cargo and then damage investigation into the extent and cause of the damage
  • Other Services: Loss prevention and Expert witness

Marine Cargo Insurance Services

On behalf of the marine cargo insurance market, Vallis is able to assist by providing a variety of services directly to the underwriter. Vallis can reduce the risk exposure, protect contractual liabilities and mitigate against losses. In circumstances where cargo has become damaged, Vallis can represent the underwriter to investigate and inspect the subject of a claim; Vallis acts in an independent capacity to collect and record the facts to be used to support or refute the claim.

  • Marine and Cargo Damage Surveys
  • Provision of Evidence and Assistance to Cargo Claims
  • Loss Prevention
  • Cargo Surveying
  • Vessel Cargo Inspections

Risk Mitigation

To limit the number of incidents and claims, Vallis is able to provide preventive advice in advance of an operation commencing. Our advice has been proven to mitigate risks and prevent losses from occurring.

  • Risk Assessments
  • Risk Analysis and Investigation
  • Loss Prevention Surveys
  • Heavy Lift and Project Cargo – Assess lifting and loading plans as well as securing arrangements. Verify against IMO regulations