Petroleum & Liquids

The Petroleum and Liquids team specialise in the inspection, management and supervision of petroleum and petroleum derivate products in shore tanks and tank farms throughout Africa and the Middle East.

We provide essential risk mitigation and assurance services to financiers and trade houses. Our experienced ex-pat fuel managers operate to the highest standards of trust, integrity and transparency providing 24/7 coverage 365 days of the year.


Due Diligence

Using our experienced on the ground teams, Vallis are able to provide inspections of terminals, tank farms, vessels and refineries to ensure the necessary SOPs, HSE, licences and calibrations are in place and the site is fit for purpose.

  • A pre-discharge site inspection takes place where Vallis inspectors assess the suitability for the site to store the intended cargo.
  • A meeting with the terminal management is held and necessary licenses, insurances, sitemaps and calibration charts are reviewed. Standard operating procedures, health & safety, fire policies and security arrangements are analysed.
  • A detailed report is compiled to our prescribed Lloyds of London format and circulated to all concerned parties to form part of their risk assessment.

Inspection, Verification and Audit

Vallis provide independent and impartial inspection, verification and audits of 3rd party cargo.

  • We perform independent inspections, taking gauges and measuring density and temperature to quantify stock holdings in 3rd party shore tanks or onboard vessels.
  • We verify and manage products in drums or barrels, as well as performing a detailed audit of on-site documentation and records.
  • We provide a bespoke service providing clients with the scope and final report that they require.

Stock Management

Vallis employ daily on-site control of stock movements, through locking and sealing, enabling care and custody of fuel in tanks. We provide reports tailored to customer requirements.

  • Vallis deploy staff on site for all operational hours to take full care, custody and control of financed and self-financed cargos held in tanks.
  • We perform full locking and sealing of tank valves and inlet/outlets to provide total control on all cargo movements. We also gauge variance and confirm loading quantities daily.
  • We provide detailed and tailored reports daily to all concerned parties.

Loading Supervision

Vallis supervise the discharge, loading and transfer of fuel products. We provide accurate records to concerned parties.

  • We check loading orders and delivery notes to confirm the correct trucks collect the correct cargo as has been instructed by the client.
  • We monitor gantry flow meters and weighbridges to provide independent verification of readings.
  • We issue supporting documentation (goods receipt and dispatch notes) to provide an independent record of truck loadings on a daily basis.

End-to-End Reconciliations

Vallis deploy to point-of-load and point-of-receipt, to provide end-to-end reconciliation and truck verification.

  • For landlocked countries or transfers between tank farms, Vallis will deploy at both ends of the logistics chain to reconcile the dispatch and release, or transfer of product from one point to the other.
  • We provide a single detailed report providing timings of departure and arrival as well as truck driver’s details highlighting any discrepancies and differences.
  • We seal tanker valves and hatches with uniquely identified seals to minimise losses in transit.